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Works Pro Adjustable Energizer

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Today's modern cars run a lot of electronic devices and equipment including air-conditioner, audio system, lighting, wipers, alarm, sensors, and many others. All these constantly saps power and consume a lot of energy, putting a lot of strain on the battery and alternator. A 12v – 13.8v current may cause problems to the car’s ignition system including incomplete combustion and carbon build up. In the long term this reduces compression ratio, less bhp, slower acceleration and increasing fuel combustion.

Works Pro Energizer offers robust, maintenance free protection for electrical loads to prevent erratic operation or equipment damaged caused by power sags or surges.

Features :

  • - no modification
  • - no maintenance
  • - immediate effect
  • - plug & play
  • - easy setting
  • - fully adjustable (up to 14V)
  • - professional equipment

Benefit :

  • Improves ignition, fuel burn, fuel efficiency
  • Increases engine torque across the full rev range, better throttle response
  • Lightens load electrical charging system hence increases lifespan of battery and alternator
  • Lowers exhaust emission with cleaner fuel combustion
  • Reduces electrical ‘noise’ and improves operation of other noise sensitive miscellaneous electrical devices (audio system, etc.)
  • More precise operation of vehicle’s electronic control devices (operation of ECU, sensors, electric power steering, etc.)

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