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MaxWorks Lubricant

DISCLAIMER: WORKS ENGINEERING acknowledges that street racing is an illegal activity and STREET RACING OIL is not to be interpreted as our approving, condoning or promoting of street racing. WORKS ENGINEERING does not approve, condone, nor promote racing any motor vehicle on public roadways, which include but is not limited to; interstates,  highways or any public motorway as defined by local, state or federal law, code or regulation.

WORKS ENGINEERING encouraged that motor vehicle challenges, tests of vehicle speed and tests of vehicle endurance should be performed by trained and skilled professionals with the proper safety apparel and done under a controlled and designated environment such as sanctioned drag strip and/or road course and all applicable local, state and federal laws, codes and regulations.

All parties who participate in illegal street racing do so at their  
own risk and hold any and all persons associated with WORKS  
ENGINEERING harmless of any and all liabilities.