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Works Engineering 52mm Pro IV Gauge - Euro Series

Individually operates without any control unit, extremely responsive, accurate, and quick .  
 • Touch Sensor Adjustor - Adjust and set your own warning values.
• Warning Sound - A new warning buzzer to grab the user’s attention it hits the warning value.
• Peak Value Playback - Read the last highest value that was reached.

- 52 mm diameter gauges with carbon fiber-looked surface
- Full 270° opening sweeping action on start-up mode.
- Equipped with new silent faster high-performance stepper motor and drive IC controls.
- High illumination white LED: uniform illumination, long life cycle, highly stable.
- Warning illumination: Flickering LED backlight.
- Red pointer needle driven by OE stepper motor has a smooth instantaneous response to the rapid acceleration of high performance vehicles.
- Illumination ON/OFF: interlocked with vehicle switch. Self-diagnosis error detection system.