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Works Breather Tank Set

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As the engine heas up, the coolant inside it expands. Without the expansion tank, the coolant would flow out of the overflow tube and be lost from the cooling system onto the street. With an expansion tank, it gives the coolant another avenue to flow into. Since a vacuum is created in the cooling system when the engine cools, the vacuum causes some of the coolant in the expansion tube to be sucked back into the system. This way, no coolant is lost if the system is functioning properly.

Another function of the expansion tank is to remove air bubbles from the cooling system. Air in the cooling system can cause hot spots on various engine components, which can cause great damage if left unattended. The advantage of the expansion tank is that while the level of coolant contained in it rises and fails, the radiator is always full.

By mounting the tank high up In the engine compartment, you can be assured of a fully filled system with room for air expansion, thus reducing chances of overheating due to air-lock.

Beautifully finished in high grade aluminium, light weight, high pressure radiator cap and mounting accessories included.

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