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Maxworks High Performance Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-30 (1 Liter)

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Works Engineering’s MAXWORKS High Performance Fully Synthetic API SAE 5W-30 is formulated using the latest lubrication technology to comply with all stringent requirements. Our fully synthetic engine oil is fortified with Ester to ensure a stable and environmentally friendly product. And now, our engine oil comes with the latest ILSAC GF-6 specification.


ILSAC GF-6 is designed for all engines, offering improved fuel economy with enhanced oxidation and deposit control versus the previous GF-5 specification. In addition, GF-6 is specifically designed for the more severe demands of the latest GDI engines. ILSAC GF-6 improves upon GF-5 in six areas:

1. Fuel economy and fuel economy retention

2. Engine durability

3. Wear protection for idle-stop

4. Low-speed pre-ignition minimization

5. Piston cleanliness

6. Chain wear protection



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