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MaxWorks DOT 4 Brake & Clutch Fluid (1L)

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Works Engineering’s MAXWORKS Dot 4 Brake & Clutch Fluid

Extensive bench tests and road tests were conducted under various common and extreme operating conditions in the development of Works Engineering’s MAXWORKS Dot 4 Brake & Clutch Fluid. It is formulated specifically for all hydraulic brake and clutch systems and is compatible with systems where DOT 3 & DOT 4 fluids were required. Viscosity-temperature properties are excellent at both high and low temperatures.
Due to its unique properties and higher boiling point, it minimizes vapour formation at high temperatures, allowing the brake system to remain efficient even after frequent and heavy braking, enabling braking performance to be maintained in service for a longer duration.

•Enhance the braking system's efficiency under any condition
•Ensures minimum leakage and pressure loss
•Provides protection from acidic oxidation products for cast iron and steel braking components by forming a protective layer on the surface.
•Provides an additional safety margin against “vapour lock” compared with brake fluids meeting less stringent specification requirements.

Works Engineering’s MAXWORKS Dot 4 Brake & Clutch Fluid has been specifically formulated for use with all passenger cars, commercial road transport, motorcycles and vehicles with anti-lock (ABS) braking systems.

* Brake Fluids are hygroscopic which means that condensation water is absorbed which slowly lowers the boiling point influencing the brake performance. It is therefore recommended that the product is refreshed every 2 years

• Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) DOT3 / DOT 4                    
• SAE J1703

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