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MaxWorks Engine Flush (300ml)

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Works Engineering’s MAXWORKS Engine Flush

is formulated specifically to clean and unclog contaminants that block oil passages, restrict oil flow, and cause rings to stick. It helps to restore compression and regain lost power and performance. It is designed to exceed your engine's cleanliness requirements.

•Enhances engine performance
•Improves fuel consumption
•Quick and gentle cleaning
•Removes deposit build-up
•Reduces engine wear
• Helps to extend the oil change time

Direction of use
•Start your car's engine, let it run until it reaches normal operating temperatures, then turn it off.
• Pour a bottle of MaxWorks Engine Flush into the oil crankcase (treats up to 5L).
•Start and let the engine run at a fast idle for 15 minutes.
•Turn off the engine and drain hot oil carefully.
•Install new oil filter and add fresh engine oil that meets vehicle specifications.

Caution: Ensure that the engine oil level is not low before adding.

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