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Works Out Law Pro II PLUS Gauge - 6 Bar Boost Gauge

RM 619.00 RM 689.00

Works Engineering 60mm Outlaw (6 Bar)Boost Gauge

offer extremely accurate and easy to read values so that you know exactly what is going on with your Turbo / Boost at all times. Our Outlaw Gauge show every stat under the sun, they feature in a modern hi-tech style, hyper-white backlighting provided by low-heat LED’s and a sleek glare-and-scratch resistant crystal to aid in gauge perception while offering a nice touch to the interior of any car, no matter the looks, our Outlaw Gauge are reliable, precise and attractive.


New Pro2 Plus Gauge Features :

~ Warning Value Adjustment
 * Adjust and change the warning value to suit your need

~ Warning Buzzer Sound
 * A warning buzzer added to ensure user even easier to notice whenever something goes wrong

~ Peak Value Playback
 * Read the highest value on the gauges since last time “Peak” value was displayed

Features :
- 60mm diameter gauges with non-reflective glass
- Opening full 270° sweeping action on start-up mode with faster and silence stepping motor.
- Equipped with high-performance stepping motor and drive IC controls
- High illumination white LED : uniform illumination,long life cycle,high stability.
- Warning function by flickering LED illumination
- Red pointer needle driven by OE stepping motor has a smooth instantaneous response to rapid acceleration of high performance vehicles
- Illumination ON/OFF : interlocked with vehicle switch. Self-diagnosis error detection system.

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